Drums, Girls & Dangerous Pie

1. What would you do if your sibling had leukemia, would you act the same way?

2. Would you like Jeffy to be your brother before the nosebleed incident, or would you have hated him if you didn't know he had leukemia.


Reading Book Norms

Our reading group has decided on specific rules/norms
1. We don't read ahead
2. We must be prepared
3. We must participate


Dinosaur Extinction Theory

Dino Extinction Theory
One theory is a asteroid hit the earth at the Yucatan Peninsula and wiped off a lot of the dinosaurs. The asteroid was really fast, going at least 39 miles per a second. When it hit the earth, it made a giant heat wave. Most dinosaurs have died because of it and it killed all of the plant. Since there were no more plants, most of the herbivores died off and then the carnivores died. The area by the Yucatan Peninsula is evidence of that because the asteroid hit that place and left a gigantic crater. Another piece of evidence that it was hit is that near the crater there was some asteroid rock or minerals. An assumption of a fellow person is that the meteorite took out a lot of life but if there wasn’t a meteorite many other reasons like that the earth became colder and there was flooding could have killed off the dinosaurs too.



My understanding of styles of writing is the way you write and what kind of things that you write in your sentences that makes it unique. Some people’s style would be to write with short sentences, some other would be to write with long sentences. Other people’s style would be totally different. In one of the books I’m reading, the author always starts the chapter a summary what happened and then they flash back and describe in more detail what happened. In another book, the author uses a lot of dialogue. I’ve read a lot of his books and he always uses dialogue. Right now, I don’t know my style, I hope that the activities that we will do helps me get my style. If you would read a paper without a name on it, and know it is mine that would be really cool. To help us with our style we looked at other author’s writing and tried to mimic their sentences using the same punctuation they used. Also we looked at the style during the “This I Believe essays”. We learned about sentence fluency when we had to start a sentence with the exact same word we ended the sentence before with. With all the help I learned a lot



Style to me means they way I write. Like if i write with short sentences. Or if I write stuff with long sentences then that's my style. Right now I don't know my style I hope doing these activities will help. It would be cool to not write my name on my paper and Mr. Loucks would know it's my writing. Also it would be nice to know my style I don't know why but it would be cool. We looked at other authors writing and tried to mimic their punctuation. Also we looked at the style during the "This I believe essays".


First Blog

The benefits of an online writers notebook is that you will never lose it. You can lose a regular notebook but the only way to lose your online writers notebook is to forget your account or the name of the website. also you don't have to bring it home so you can see it anytime and so can your teacher.

I think that some people online pretend to be somebody else because most of the world doesn't know about you and you could easily pretend that you are a stud because there are no pictures of you and all you have to do is write down something that make people think you are stud.

We can create a safe environment by not posting anything personal. If we don't write our first or last name nobody except for your teacher and you. Also if you don't post anything about where you live people could think that you live in another country.

One risk is that people you don't know might find out stuff about you but thats highly unlikely. Also they could make fun of your writing if it was stupid and stuff like that.


Mr. Loucks

  • Mr. Loucks is very cool.